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Marxist Internet Archive — This is by far the most complete collection of Marxist writings on the Internet. It also includes probably the most complete selection of Mao’s writings on the Web, most of which were originally prepared by the (defunct) Maoist Documentation Project. However, since the MIA site is run mostly by Trotskyites, Mao’s writings are not in the “Marxists” section, but rather in the “reference” section. The MIA seems to be gradually moving toward correcting this absurdity, however.

From Marx to Mao — Another very good web source for the writings of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Mao.

MASSLINE.ORG , our sister site, which—among other areas—includes sections devoted to the following major topics:

BANNEDTHOUGHT.NET — A site which makes available progressive publications which reactionary governments have banned or suppressed. So far, only publications from India and Nepal are posted.

Revolution (RCP) — Newspaper of the largest (though still quite small) “Maoist” organization in the U.S. This group rejects any participation in most of the struggles of the people, and therefore has little use for the mass line. It has become very cult-like in recent years, and is now centrally focused on promoting its Chairman, Bob Avakian, who they somehow suppose to be another Lenin or Mao!

The Kasama website, operated by Mike Ely and friends. The folks around this site, a number of them former members of the RCP, seem to be headed in the direction of creating a new MLM organization which will try to avoid many of the serious errors evidenced by the RCP and other nominally “Maoist” U.S. groups. However, it is still not clear that the Kasama people have a firm committment to, and a deep Maoist understanding of, the mass line.

The Monthly Review magazine site and its satellite Web Zine site often present articles and information from a viewpoint sympathetic to Maoism.

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