The Mass Line and the American Revolutionary Movement

By Scott Harrison

Table of Contents

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Preface     [Revised: 06/12/23]
1. Introduction
2. From the Masses, To the Masses
3. A Quick Overview of the Mass Line
4. Misconceptions and Distortions of the Mass Line Method of Leadership
5. Who Are the Masses?
6. Have Faith in the Masses
7. The Initiative, Creativity and Ideas of the Masses
8. The Masses Too Have Shortcomings
9. The Spontaneity of the Masses
10. The Proletarian Party and the Masses
11. Agitation and Propaganda
12. Leadership of the Masses: Bourgeois and Proletarian
13. Methods of Leadership and the Mass Line
14. The Three Component Parts of the Mass Line
15. The Mass Line Method—Gathering the Ideas of the Masses
16. The Mass Line Method—Processing the Ideas of the Masses
17. The Scope of the Mass Line
18. Strategy, Tactics and the Mass Line
19. The Mass Line, Reformist Struggle and the Revolutionary Goal
20. Objective Conditions and the Mass Line
21. The Mass Line Method—Returning the Line to the Masses
22. The Mood of the Masses
23. Mass Combativity
24. The Masses’ Own Experience
25. Stay Close to the Masses
26. The Masses in Their Millions
27. The Mass Line and the Dictatorship of the Proletariat
28. The Mass Line and Proletarian Democracy
29. The Mass Line and Democratic Centralism
30. The Mass Line and the Theory of Knowledge
31. What Contradictions Does the Mass Line Resolve?
32. The Origin and Development of the Mass Line
33. Traditional Reactionary Attitudes Towards the Masses
34. Bourgeois Views of the Mass Line
35. Can the Bourgeoisie Use the Mass Line?
36. Soviet Revisionism and the Mass Line
37. Chinese Revisionism and the Mass Line
38. The Mass Line and the Political Economy of Socialism
39. The Mass Line and “Transitional” Demands
40. The Mass Line and the American Revolutionary Movement
41. The Present Attitude of the RCP Towards the Mass Line
42. Revolutionary Primitivism and the Masses
43. Conclusion
Appendix: Chinese Names


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